Terms of Service

IMU Staffing is fully committed to keeping our website accurate and up to date and these are our terms of service. If you notice anything that is out of date, please feel free to contact us, including where you read the information.

Our company is not liable for any loss as a result of inaccuracies or incomplete information, nor do we guarantee employment based on the context of our website. IMU Staffing is not liable for problems caused by or as a result of the dissemination of information on the internet, including disruptions and interruptions. We strive to keep the web form fields to a minimum for ease of use.

The privacy inquiries and responses given by job seekers and clients submitted by email are treated in the same way as traditional letters. This means that you may expect a response from us within a month, at the latest. For complex requests, we will respond within a maximum of 3 months.

All personal data you provide will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will only be used in the context of your request. IMU Staffing makes every reasonable effort to protect our systems against unlawful use. We implement the appropriate technology to ensure that we protect your privacy. We are not liable for any loss for users of the website as a result of actions by a third party.

All intellectual property rights on this website are the sole property of IMU Staffing. Copying and otherwise disseminating any of these materials is prohibited by law and is not permitted by IMU Staffing.

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