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On-going Employment Agency Staffing Needs

At IMU Staffing Agency, we recruit for a variety of positions as one of the best employment agencies in San Jose. While we specialize in the medical field, especially as the demand for qualified professionals is growing, we also have openings in many other areas.

Administrative and Clerical Positions

These types of jobs require close attention to detail and experience with a variety of software and phone systems. Computer knowledge is a plus when applying to a clerical position, as is the ability to remain organized and excellent communication skills. Administrative workers should be able to type well and enter data swiftly, yet accurately. Here are positions that our clients may have available:

Administrative Assistant; Benefits Administrator; Court Reporter; Customer Service; Data Entry Operator I, II; Desktop Publisher; Dispatcher Motor Vehicle; Document Preparation Clerk; Duplicating Machine Operator; General Clerk I, II, III; Housing Referral Assistant; Human Resources Personnel; Mail Room Personnel; Order Clerk I, II; Personnel Assistant (Employment) I, II; Production Control Clerk; Purchasing; Receptionist; Rental Clerk; Scheduler; Secretary I, II, III; Service Order Dispatcher; Supply Technician; Survey Worker (Interviewer); Telemarketer; Travel Clerk I, II, III; Typist; Word Processor I, II, III; Desk Clerk

Accounting and Finance

While some accounting and finance positions may simply require experience in the field, other positions, those above entry-level, may require an advanced degree. Senior positions and those at the C-level typically require an MBA. Here are some accounting positions that we recruit for:

Accountants; Senior Accountants, Accounting Clerks I, II, III; Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Bookkeepers; Credit & Collections; Payroll


Engineering is a thriving field, with many different specialty positions. As a San Jose staffing agency, we have excellent partner clients that are always looking for skilled, innovative engineers in all disciplines. Here are some of the positions our clients look for:

CAD Engineer; Civil Engineer; Construction Engineer; Electrical Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; Test Engineer; Engineering Technician I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Healthcare and Medical

The medical field is booming right now, and many world-class healthcare centers, hospitals, and private clinics are looking for trained, compassionate caregivers. This leads our clients and job seekers to look for the best nurse staffing agencies to meet the demand. Many of these positions require a certain type of degree, whether it’s an Associate’s degree for a nursing assistant or a Bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse. Your IMU Staffing agency Staffing Manager can help you find positions that match your experience.

Right now, we are being very careful about recruiting for healthcare and medial positions and work in accordance with state and national health guidelines. However, we know there is a need for workers in these jobs. Here are positions we are recruiting for:

Certified Nursing Assistant I, II, III, IV; Nurses; LPNs, LVNs; CNAs; Respiratory Therapists and Technicians; Operating Room Technicians; Mental Health Technicians; Radiology Technologists; CardioVascular Technologists; Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants; Occupational Therapists and OT Assistants; Physical Therapists and PT Assistants; Speech-Language Pathologists; Medical Technologists; Medical Lab Technicians; Histotechnologists; Cytotechnologists; Phlebotomists; EKG Technician; Medical Record Clerk; Medical Record Technician; Medical Transcriptionist; Dental Assistants; Medical Assistants; Medical Therapists and Technicians; Optical Technician; Phlebotomist

IT and Technical

San Jose is the center of Silicon Valley, and as such, has many exceptional Information Technology and technical companies. IMU Staffing is a San Jose staffing agency with deep connections to the best employers. We look for job candidates that have cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the field and who are comfortable with a variety of different software and hardware. Coders are always in demand, and you may be required to demonstrate your skills during the recruitment and interview process. Here are some of the positions that our clients are looking for:

.NET programmer; Business Analyst; Computer Operator I, II, III, IV, V; Computer Programmer I, II, III, IV; Computer Systems Analyst I, II, III; Java Programmer; Peripheral Equipment Operator; Personal Computer Support Tech

Light Industrial and Manufacturing

People with mechanical abilities and experience working with heavy machinery are important to keeping businesses running all over the country. Some of these positions may require certain certifications, while others may even require a degree or training in a trade school. Employment agencies can link workers with short or long term projects. Depending on the position, you may be asked to submit your certification along with your resume. Here are some of the positions that IMU Staffing clients are looking for:

Assemblers; Cable and Harness; Forklift Operator; Inventory Clerks; Material Coordinator; Material Expeditor; Material Handling Laborer; Order Filler; Production Line Worker; QC and QA Inspectors; Shipping Packer; Shipping/Receiving Clerk; Stock Clerk; Store Worker I; Technicians; Testers; Tools and Parts Attendant; Wafer Fab Operator; Warehouse Specialist

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