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Healthcare and Medical

Job openings at medical staffing agencies change everyday so contact a recruiter today at (408) 669-4444. A registered nurse has many different responsibilities. These include:

  • Provide vaccinations, administer medications, and treat patients
  • Good communication skills and communicating with LPNs, doctors, and other medical professionals
  • Work with physicians to make a complete Care Plan for each patient
  • Focus on the emotional stability and age of each patient to determine treatment
  • Chart and contribute to the medical records for each patient as appropriate
  • Respond to questions and concerns from patients and their caregivers
  • Maintain supplies and track users as needed
  • Provide counseling for patients before, during, and after treatment

Registered Nurse (RN) qualifications and skills

There are several specific qualifications for a Registered Nurse. Medical staffing agencies may ask job seekers to provide proof of their education and experience, as well as cite examples where they demonstrated proficiency with “soft skills” like bedside manner and communication skills.

  • 3+ years of practical nursing experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • Valid nursing license
  • Advanced knowledge of EMRs
  • Flexibility for scheduling, including rotating shifts and weekends
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Compassionate bedside manner
  • Ability to explain treatments and answer patient questions
  • Thorough knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations, including HIIPA

Stem Cell Researcher

Stem Cell Scientist Job Description

A stem cell researcher studies how stem cells transform into the various unique tissues of the body. Understanding how stem cells operate can help determine how to treat cell division ailments including cancer and birth defects. Stem cell scientists also look at how to manipulate stem cells in order to grow usable organs and tissues.

Stem Cell Scientist Duties

There are many varied duties for stem cell scientists. The main ones include:

  • Create cell lines and cultures of stem cells
  • Perform tests and augmentations on a cell line
  • Experience on stem cells and those with an organism
  • Document research as needed
  • Communicate with lab associates about progress in research

Education and Experience Requirements For a Stem Cell Scientist

Employers require plenty of education and experience for a stem cell scientist. Medical staffing agencies in San Jose may ask job seekers to provide proof of their education as well as examples of their past work and any published papers. These requirements are:

  • Doctorate in Biological Science, such as Microbiology
  • Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in a life science
  • Successful completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Experience in research
  • Lab experience
  • Planning and presentation of a research project
  • Courses focused on microbial genetics and prokaryotic molecular biology
  • Research fellowships in stem cell research
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Manager Job Responsibilities

IT managers may have job requirements specific to the industry and the place that they’re working in. However, many IT Managers will have the same set of responsibilities. These include:

  • Maintain information technology strategies
  • Manage staff
  • Create and implement technological solutions
  • Accomplish IT staff results
  • Plan and monitor job results
  • Initiate, coordinate, and enforce systems, procedures, and policies
  • Maintain a secure and safe working environment
  • Develop growth opportunities
  • Maintain effectiveness of the organization and deliver strategic plans to implement information technologies
  • Preserve assets by implementing disaster recovery
  • Complete projects by coordinating resources according to t the timetable and phase goals

Educational Requirements For an IT Manager

Depending on the needs of the organization, IT Managers may need specialized, technical knowledge. A staffing agency may require certain things that job seekers will have to prove. Common education and experience requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a computer field
  • Five or more years of IT work experience
  • Optional product or system certification

Accounting and Finance


Accountants have many different responsibilities and need to have close attention to detail and an analytical mindset. The requirements for an accounting job include:

  • Provide information to management from research and analysis of accounting data
  • Prepare asset, liability, and capital account entries in accounting software by compiling account information
  • Document financial transactions from entering account information
  • Recommend actions based on financial analysis and accounting options
  • Summarize and report on current financial status through information collection
  • Prepare balance sheets and profit and loss statements
  • Audit documents and substantiate financial transactions
  • Reconcile financial discrepancies by collecting and reviewing account information
  • Secure financial information through database back-ups
  • Prepare payments by verifying documentation and requesting disbursements
  • Answer accounting procedure questions through research and interpretation of accounting regulations
  • Comply with federal and state financial and legal requirements
  • Maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping financial information private

Accountant Qualifications and Skills:

Accountants will have experience in accounting, corporate finance, reporting skills, deadline-oriented, knowledge of SFAS rules, and attention to detail. They will also need to demonstrate data entry and time management, general math skills, and experience with different kinds of accounting software. Part of what staffing agencies may require are a demonstrated ability to complete these tasks or to take a quiz. Education and experience requirements may also include:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in tax, accounting, or finance
  • CPA
  • Minimum 5-10 years’ experience in accounting/finance
  • Experience with financial reporting requirements
  • Experience in working with multiple legal entities under different legal umbrella

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