The IMU Staffing Hiring Process

When you’re looking for the best staffing agencies, you’re probably curious about the IMU Staffing hiring process. At IMU Staffing, we use a carefully planned hiring process that ensures each candidate has been thoroughly vetted before we bring them to our clients. As an employer, you understand that a temp agency hiring process can be complicated and getting it right can be a challenge.

We work with many job boards and networking resources to find the best candidates. We look for those with years of experience as well as outstanding entry-level workers.

Each candidate is carefully selected for their experience, training, technical skills, and educational background. We also look at candidates from different employment sectors, such as private and public. Many are chosen from prospective job seekers looking for nurse staffing agencies.

Our industry-leading technology, a wealth of experience, and state-of-the-art information make IMU Staffing agency the best one to offer complete staffing solutions.

Testing Process

IMU Staffing has a varied system of tests for job seekers, depending on the skill set that they include on their resumes. This ensures that each candidate has the skills that employers need. We verify skill level from basic to intermediate to advanced and expert levels. These tests are online and validated through an independent scorer. These tests include clerical, behavioral, financial, health care, industrial and technical skills. Applicants can take all assigned tests from the comfort of their homes.

Temp Agency Screening and Interviewing Processes

During the interview process, we use multiple layers of interviewing to screen candidates for accuracy on their resume and cover letter and depth of character. Our interviewers are coached in behavioral techniques and undergo extensive training on how to properly interview. We begin with a phone interview, and then, if we are interested in the candidate and feel like they have plenty to offer our clients, we move to an in-person interview.

Reference Checks, Background Check, and Drug Screen Procedures

We are committed to providing clients with job seekers who can pass any pre-employment screening our clients require. These are conducted through a third-party lab at no charge to either the client or the candidate.

IMU Staffing agency conducts thorough background checks, including criminal history and employment and education verification. We also require 3 professional references to establish the accuracy of their resume and cover letters.


Once we’ve successfully vetted our candidates, IMU Staffing then conducts a comprehensive orientation. These vary by industry and can include client-specific training and policies. When staffing a temporary workforce, one of our Staffing Managers will visit the workplace to assist the temporary workers in acclimating to the environment and helping provide information about the job duties, location, and values of the company, including company culture. During this visit, we touch base with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and to ensure a successful placement of each client.

Temp Agency Training

Training – good training – is essential to developing professional workers. At IMU Staffing, we know that human capital is our greatest asset. Investing in our employees is critical to ensure employee success. We invest in training our employees with comprehensive programs geared toward their talents and goals. We also focus on safety awareness for all of our staff.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Looking for a staffing agency includes looking for one that is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to operating in accordance with the EEOC and selecting job candidates without discrimination.

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